Aromatherapy Wood-Look Diffuser
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Aromatherapy Wood-Look Diffuser, 1 Unit

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Suggested Use: First, make sure diffuser is unplugged. Open your diffuser by gently turning the top half clockwise. DO NOT FORCE DIFFUSER TO OPEN. You may be turning in the wrong direction if diffuser does not easily open. Place diffuser on even, flat surface. Then, slowly fill the bottom half of the diffuser with 150 mL warm (not hot) tap water. Caution, do not overfill or spill. Carefully add your essential oil(s) directly into water tank (about 5-7 drops). Re-attach top half of diffuser by turning counterclockwise. Plug into any USB port or use USB Adapter Plug provided to plug into wall outlet, and touch the power button: a. Press ONCE to turn on and activate continuous mist and the color changing LED lights. b. Press TWICE to activate intermittent mist (spray 10 seconds and stop 10 seconds) and the color changing LED lights. c. Press THREE times to activate continuous mist and the color changing LED lights, once more. d. Press FOUR times to turn off the unit. Unplug to ensure the unit is off.
Other Information: Clean the tank before and after each use. Wipe clean with a soft cloth and use warm water with mild soap if necessary. Do not use alcohol to clean unit, and do not submerge top half of unit in water.